The language of art is an important theme that enriches and widens human narrative universe. Thanks to various techniques and forms of art it is possible, in fact, to spread expressions, feelings, meanings and emotional experiences. Art is connected to people’s most deep dimension, and the impossibility to define art makes it a many-sided expressive form that children can experimented from an early age.

Taste and aesthetic sense can be refined and trained, just as a muscle, by experimenting and observing different forms of art. Our workshops deal with both art therapy, and with experimenting and spreading the knowledge of the various artistic techniques. Art therapy activities, in particular, aim to foster people’s growth and wellbeing, and to stimulate individual creative abilities by exercising people’s awareness of movement and heir free and spontaneous artistic expression.

All the items we use are of natural origin or recycled, since in art therapy materials have a very powerful meaning. Being different in their sensory quality, chromatic variety, and in the aesthetic results they achieve together with the work of art that gets created, they become instruments to promote non-verbal communication, and therefore media allowing the expression of feeling, thoughts, remembrances and sensations. We also propose practical workshops on the use of colour, dividing classes into small work teams, to introduce children and teenagers to different artistic techniques – brand-new or little known as well.

A few proposals:
Art therapy
Art: playing, learning, experimenting