These workshops concentrate on narration, and they aim to develop the participants’ narrative thinking and literacy skills.
Our courses aim to promote reading, and are conceived to intrigue children in listening, reading and writing. Books can become an objects and “integrating backgrounds” for people to grow familiar, play, or have fun with, in order to foster a curricular interdisciplinary learning.

We conceive our paths so as to make them fit in syllabi, but they can be customized, depending on participants’ age, or enriched and connected to other school activities. The meetings are conceived, designed and carried on by librarians, educationalists long-time experienced in children’s and young-adults’ literature and illustrators. Particular attention is paid to the quality of the documentary offer, to the emerging themes of contemporary child’s and young adults’ literature, to the use of innovative didactic methodologies, as well as to providing a thematic bibliography useful for teachers.

A few proposals:
Narrations: learning and getting moved by words
Paper treasures… History of books and writing
Creative writing
Web readers