The artistic dimension and its many languages are ever more presents in children’s cultural milieu. The narrative dimension of theatre language is able to shape itself so as to make “actors” perform and dramatize the characters. The symbolic game is naturally played by children since their early years, as it makes it easier for them to communicate and express their feelings.

Theatre is therefore a useful instrument during children’s growing years, in order to stimulate their awareness of their body, of movements, of verbal and non-verbal languages and their emotions, even when they get conflicting – as during adolescence.

In addition to that, theatre multiplies children’s learning opportunities, and strengthens their aesthetic and artistic taste.

For these reason we’ve decided to include theatre workshops in our Creativity School, in order to make children experiment innovative activities, playing with lesser-known techniques that ask for creative activities, such as building a scenography, or creating an image or a character, so as to make theatre get off the stage and become a creative piece of work actually made by children and teenagers.

A few proposals:
Shadow theatre
Educational theatre
Mignon theatre