The Creativity School is our newest business branch. We conceived it in order to offer brand-new services working alongside our own skilled employee, as well as specialists and associations experts in the promotion of reading and the enhancement cultural heritage. The workshops we propose are designed and carried on by professionals long term-experienced in children literature and pedagogy of reading, art history and archaeology, libraries and archives, theatre, music and cinematographic language.
Our workshops’ leitmotiv is the Narrative Thinking. In fact, we propose narrative thematic activities that contaminate language.
We offer a number of services for schools as well, such as training courses for teachers on children and young adult literature.
We can also design especially customized workshop, so as to suit them to our customers’ needs.
To working on narrations produced through various media means to work on “shaping our senses”. We actually believe that blending cinema, theatre, art and music in educational activities can contribute to a person’s overall development. Every medium has its own language and, according to contemporary semiology, they generate new mechanisms of audio-visual narration, new ways of building meanings, or brand-new languages with their own codes, practices and narration that in the end cannot but get mutually contaminated.
In our hectic time children and teenagers, though digital natives, have difficulties in understanding the hybrid and complex languages resulting from the superimposition of codes and symbols.
The famous educationalist Howard Gardner assumed the existence of eight multiple intelligences, i.e. eight different cognitive modalities – each of them mutually independent and with its own rules – through which human discover and understand the world: verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, visual-spatial, musical-rhythmic and harmonic, bodily-kinaesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal, naturalistic, ethical, philosophical-existential. Gardner’s discoveries point out that everyone discovers and acknowledges the world by preferring one (or more than one) of these eight intelligence. These are the premises of our educational proposal, as well.
We design them, in fact, looking for the opportunity to make children and teenagers experiment the multiple codes and languages through which the narrative thinking get to express itself.
We like to define what we do as a Pedagogy of Multiliteracy that centres Design Literacy, i.e. the ability to plan and hermeneutically interpret a text, that is the basic expressive competence required in our contemporary era. We constantly look for designing fresh and new educational activities for schools, connected to the development of narrative, creative and divergent thinking. Our workshops are divided in thematic areas: words, art, cinema and theatre. We are working on developing the musical area as well.