Libraries not only constitute a cultural service, but they also are a sort of info point for their communities. Many activities, ideas and information happen to run into each other in libraries, and thanks to their role as providers of services, equipment and resources, they can be a useful trigger to stir people’s interests and passions.
The experience we have been gathering in the past few years allows us to improve our services in the way of a user-oriented approach, to keep promoting the central role that libraries have within their territory, thus pursuing the common interest and supporting the social integration, the cultural growth and the access to information, as an instrument available for ever more mature citizens.
Cataloguing and managing collections
Cataloguing is a fundamental step in scheduling and managing a public library. Thanks to our high-trained and skilled staff and to our efficient scheduling, we can handle perfectly the various stages (inventorying, cataloguing, labelling…) that allow users to enjoy the resources they need, in the shortest time. In addition to cataloguing, we can also handle the discarding and revising procedures of collection.
Our greatest goal is to make people experience dynamic libraries that, as the years go by, keep proving themselves to be attentive to their users’ needs, offering them relevant items in excellent conditions, and in accordance to the current regulations.
Educational services and promotion of reading
The simple act of reading a book can become an effective way to entertain people. It can get them passionate about reading and sharing with other people the emotions springing from written words, or simply eager to set aside a few moments for culture in their everyday life.
Thanks to our high-trained and skilled staff, we can offer a great number of educational services especially designed for schools: from the traditional trips to the local library, to workshops in which children can experiment reading-aloud techniques or actually “make” a book. In addition to our many educational projects, we have several formats designed to promote reading, e.g. book clubs for adults or “book tastings” for children.
Archives management
Having shipshape archives not only is a concrete need, but also a synonymous of good administration. Thanks to our high-trained and skilled staff, we can assure the complete management of current archives, both storage and historical.
We can handle both the reconstructing procedures of archival series and the reorganization of documents with archival criteria, thus assuring the immediate availability of documents, and the possibility to promote and enhance the entire archival heritage.