Cinema and Theatre
In 2013, our company extended its business area to the management of cinemas and to all activities related to it, from scheduling the running shows to the organization of premieres. Our services also include: Cinedrome, thematic festivals, educational activities for schools, ticket offices, coffee bar, technical assistance for event organized by third parties.
In managing cinemas, we follow the idea that they should be versatile cultural centres for their cities, a place where people can freely express their creativity and artistic energy.
We are currently managing the historic cinema La Perla in Empoli. For further details, please have a look at:
Educational workshops on Cinema and Visual Arts
Our project Schools at the Cinema is addressed to the schools of all levels of the Empolese Valdelsa territory. It is aimed to help setting up a brand-new generation of audience, conscious and passionate, and to create a strong and dynamic connection between schools and cinemas.
Children and teenagers are immersed every day in a world full of images. Since they are constantly in contact with audiovisual products and supports, they read information in unusual ways, and are developing new and different forms of intelligence. It is therefore essential to use the potentials of audiovisual languages – since they happen to be so close to young people’s interests and cognitive styles – in promoting and effective educational workshops.
Cinema can therefore become an important tool to learn the world, as it stimulates the ability to observe, while refining people’s tastes, promoting their public spirit and helping developing dialogue within society.
Our project is organized in in three areas:
1) Everybody at the cinema! Thematic cycles
2) Zoom… To the cinema. Film workshop
3) Magic lanterns. A free project fostered by the Regional Media Library in alliance with the FICE (Italian Federation of Cinema d’Essai) and addressed to teachers.
We can also design and develop specific educational workshops.
To have more information on what we do, or to have a complete look of our catalogue, you can download our brochure.
Exhibitions, Conferences and Cultural Event
Besides the standard management of cultural spaces, we are long-term experienced in the organization of exhibitions, shows and events aimed at promoting and enhancing art, culture and tourism as well as artisan and food-and-wine tradition. We are also experienced in liaising and collaborating with cultural institutions, public bodies and all the economical-cultural operators working in our territory.
Thanks to the expertise developed in the past few years, our company is able to offer the whole management of any event (exhibitions, fairs, educational or thematic workshops, conferences, etc.…), from its preparatory stages (characterizing target audiences, spotting locations, realizing informative/promotional flyers, graphic and web content editing, press office, liaising with supplying firms), to operational plans (organizing secretary, reception, interpreting and translation services) and final stages (financial reporting, processing acts, drawing up reports).
As far as exhibitions are concerned, we can also design specific educational activities connected to the exhibition’s themes, characters and historical milieu.
Attendant and reception services
We usually charge high-trained and polyglot staff with the task of attending exhibitions, congresses, conferences and events in generals.
Our services include: setting up and looking after the location, technical assistance during the events, organizing secretary, organizing and arranging materials, hostess service and linguistic assistance.