Attendant and reception services
We have been offering, since many years, ever more specialized and user-oriented services, devoted to the promotion of our territory. As far as our tasks regarding the museum heritage are concerned, they include both the internal organization of museums, and the management of museum staff, networks and marketing.
Our main aim is to improve our services and to optimize their overall quality.
We offer a number of attendant and reception services, such as: custody of exhibition rooms, surveillance of the items, cloakrooms and visitors’ assistance.
Our whole staff is trained to use fire-fighting equipment and first-aid techniques, so as to best assure our visitors’ safety.
Educational workshops and guided tours
We design educational activities addressed to students on school-trips, to families, or to adults eager to deepen their artistic knowledge or to learn new subjects. We are fervently engaged in training our staff, in designing educational activities and workshops, and in liaising with organizations and associations working in the educational field.
A skilled and competent staff escorting visitors in a museum can, in fact, support and enhance those visitors’ experience, transforming a simple visit into a captivating and challenging experience for children and for their families. Thanks to our broad experience in this field, we have conceived high-standard educational visits that can be booked and customized, and that are having a great success, both in terms of customers’ satisfaction and attendance.
We use to select our staff-members that will be in charge of educational and guided tours, depending on their CV and after having them attend a specific training focused both on content and on public relations techniques.
Ticket offices and bookshops
Ticket offices (on line, as well) and bookshops are a museum’s front line. That is way the operators’ duties not only include selling tickets, books or posters, but also welcoming visitors, giving them information, answering their questions and helping them during their shopping.
Our company can offer a global service for ticket offices and info points, thanks to our high-trained and skilled staff, that can easily provide information about the museums’ collections and the local museum networks. We are also experienced in laying out bookshops – and keeping them up to date – with items concerning the exhibitions and the history of the museums, as well as their territory.
Tourist offices and Info points
Tourist offices provide tourists, as well as locals, with useful information and news regarding a territory as a whole: cultural and social events, shows and festival, cultural and naturalistic heritage, or simply basic information. Thanks to our high-skilled and polyglot staff, our company can offer competent services both to locals and to tourists, in order to give the latters every information they would possible need during their stay.
Drawing inspiration from the “Exponential Tourism” philosophy, we promote trekking, cycle tourism and private tours to discover special places, food and wine tours, tastings of local dishes, cooking lessons and so on. The leitmotiv running through these packages is the idea that traveling not only is the occasion to see new places, but also to “do”, taste and experiment new and different things.
We also work as a consultant in the developing process of the Regional project directed to the creation of the Osservatori Turistici di Destinazione (Observatories for Tourist Destination), both as an intermediary between the institutions and the local stakeholders, and for the implementation of the monitoring platform.