A library is service that brings culture and information to the whole community, it’s a space where activities, ideas and information come together. A library offers services, materials and resources that can spark interests and passions in anyone and everyone.
The experience PromoCultura has gained in this field over the last few years has allowed us to offer more and more services that put individuals at their center, promoting the crucial role of libraries in communities. We work to pursue the best interests of the community and encourage integration, cultural growth and access to information as tools for engaged citizenship.

Cataloguing and Organizing the Collections

Cataloguing is an essential activity in the organization and management of a public library. By employing specialized and qualified personnel, PromoCultura fully manages all the phases (inventory, cataloguing, labeling, etc.) necessary for people to take full advantage of the materials available at the library. Thanks to an efficient internal organization, the cooperative guarantees the quick availability of documents. Besides cataloguing, PromoCultura follows activities of rejection and revision of the collections in order to guarantee the presence of a dynamic library that pays attention at the evolving needs of the visitors, offering materials in excellent condition and providing updated information according to the existing norms.

Promoting Reading and Education

Books represent an opportunity to entertain children, encourage them to read, to share with others the magic of the written word, to spread culture. Through our qualified personnel, PromoCultura offers a large variety of educational programs to local schools, from traditional visits to the library to reading out loud workshops and courses on how a book make is made. Besides this wide array of educational initiatives, PromoCultura promotes reading through different formats, from book clubs for adults to an introduction to reading for children.

Archive Management

Keeping archives organized is not only a practical necessity: in public institutions, it is synonimous with good management. By hiring qualified and specialized personnel, PromoCultura provides full management for current, deposit and historical archives, follows the restoration of archival series and the reorganizing of documents following archival criteria. This kind of work guarantees the immediate availability of documents and enhances the value our archival assets in their entirety.

Other PromoCultura Services

Museums & Tourist Offices

Reception and Monitoring, Educational Workshops and Guided Tours, Tickets and Gift Shop, Management of the Tourist Office and Information Desk, Cultural Itineraries.

Shows & Cultural Events

Exhibitions, Conferences and Cultural Events, Reception and Monitoring, Public Relations.

Schools, Families & Education

Creativity HUB, Organizing Educational Workshops for Any Age Group, Training Teachers, Internships.