Reception and Monitoring

We see reception and monitoring as the “calling card” of a museum, the first impression, an essential component of how we manage our cooperative. We keep the museum visitors at the core of every initiative we embark on, through a professional approach able to convey information and content at any age and any level. We believe that in order to manage any museum or service aimed at the public it is vital to have a good internal organization and be an integral part of the surrounding environment of museum and tourist networks. For years PromoCultura has been offering specialized and personalized services to promote tourism in our area.
Our museum staff is trained in fire prevention and first aid to guarantee the safety of our visitors. The reception and supervision services we offer improve the quality of your museum experience: we have attendants and caretakers in every room, strict surveillance for the items on display and cloakroom, assistance and support services for visitors.

Educational Workshops and Guided Tours

PromoCultura organizes educational activities about our local cultural heritage for students of any age, teachers looking for ideas and updates on the works of art we have on display and their connections with other fields, and adults who want to expand their knowledge or engage with new subjects through our itineraries designed to put families in touch with the arts. Our staff, highly qualified and constantly kept up-to-date, curates the relationships with institutions and associations in the field of education and educational activities. Alongside these initiatives, PromoCultura has developed a service dedicated to educational visits – with advance booking customized visits are also available– aimed at improving the experience at the museum and other cultural destinations. Our highly qualified staff accompany visitors through themed itineraries transforming the visit into a stimulating experience for everyone, from young people to families. Our guides are selected on the base of the studies they made and undergo a specific training focused both on the subject of the tour and the modalities of interaction with the visitors.
For traditional guided tours, PromoCultura avails itself of the great network of official Tuscany tourguides.

Tickets and Gift Shop

In museums the front line, even digitally, is represented by ticket clerks and by the gift shop, a popular space in museums and exhibitions. Our staff’s job is not only to sell tickets, but to welcome visitors, provide them with information and assitance. Thanks to our qualified and specialized personnel PromoCultura supports our visitors providing information on the collections and on the networks the museums are associated with. Last but not least, PromoCultura guarantees constantly updated gift shop layouts, complete with publications on our exhibitions, the history of the museum, the area and more. We provide support and assistance for visitors’ purchases and also offer the possibility to activate on consignment services for gadgets and books.

Management of the Tourist Office and Information Desk

The tourist office is often the first essential stop for visitors. It is also a point of reference for locals looking for updates on events, initiatives, information on the local cultural and natural heritage. Our qualified, multilingual staff offer professional assistance to everyone who gets in touch with PromoCultura, providing all the necessary information to guarantee a wonderful, unforgettable stay. PromoCultura is inspired by the “exponential tourism” philosophy, promoting activities such as hiking, cycling vacations and private tours to discover special places, food and wine destinations, typical meals and cooking lessons. Our cooperative also offers support to local associations when it comes to the fulfillment of institutional duties and long-time stakeholder involvement.

Cultural Itineraries

Through tours and themed itineraries we promote the rediscovery of our cultural and natural heritage, with an eye to social and cultural sustainability. Our experience guides visitors to the rediscovery of our towns and our coutryside, offering a dynamic access to the diffuse heritage of our region through different languages and technologies such as theater, dance and music. We work to make our itineraries real journeys of discovery of our landscapes and their best features, connecting our visitors with different institutions and networks.

Other PromoCultura Services

Libraries & Archives

Reference, Cataloguing and Organizing the Collections, Promoting Reading and Education, Archive Management.

Shows & Cultural Events

Exhibitions, Conferences and Cultural Events, Reception and Monitoring, Public Relations.

Schools, Families & Education

Creativity HUB, Organizing Educational Workshops for Any Age Group, Training Teachers, Internships.