Cooperative Perserving Our Cultural Assets since 1998.

PromoCultura is a culture cooperative that since 1998 has been promoting the importance of reading as well as of properly managing our cultural assets.

Cultural Services Aimed at People

Started from an idea by three young Cultural Heritage Preservation students at the University of Pisa, the cooperative has grown by enrolling young local graduates and by specializing in providing high-quality cultural, library, archival, museum and tourism services.

Our Services

Libraries & Archives

Reference, Cataloguing and Organizing the Collections, Promoting Reading and Education, Archive Management.

Museums & Tourist Offices

Reception and Monitoring, Educational Workshops and Guided Tours, Tickets and Gift Shop, Management of the Tourist Office and Information Desk, Cultural Itineraries.

Shows & Cultural Events

Exhibitions, Conferences and Cultural Events, Reception and Monitoring, Public Relations.

Schools, Families & Education

Creativity HUB, Organizing Educational Workshops for Any Age Group, Training Teachers, Internships.

Projects & Collaborations

  • Life Skills
  • MuseoMix
  • Storytelles
  • NelColDalPaesaggioDiLeonardo
  • Il MAAM dei desideri
  • …and more!