Creativity HUB

The Creativity Hub is a PromoCultura business project ideated to offer new services to the area, availing ourselves of the precious collaboration of professionals within our organization and external experts and associations which have been working in education for years, promoting the importance of reading and the preservation of our cultural heritage.
Our workshops are designed by experts in literature and reading education for children, history of art, archeology, archival and library assets, theater, music, and cinema. The idea at the heart of every workshop is Narrative Thought. Our proposals are organized between themed narrative workshops and workshops intersecting languages from different fields. We offer services to schools, such as refresher courses for teachers to keep them up-to-date on children’s and young adult literature. We also offer the possibility to customize workshops in order to better fit the specific needs of different schools.

Organizing Educational Workshops for Any Age Group

Our educational offers include workshops for schools and refresher courses for teachers, developed by highly qualified experts in children’s literature and reading education, history of art, archeology, philosophy and cultural heritage preservation. Our itineraries are designed to prioritize the playful aspect of the workshop experience through students’ active participation and to immerse the students in the local cultural context, celebrating our cultural assets and institutions to make their experience unforgettable.

Below a list of our most successfull workshops:


Workshops that put writing, stories and social dynamics at their center. Here the act of storytelling, through very different styles, historical and literary contexts, becomes a place of interaction and mutual exchange to fight marginalization, stereotypes and discrimination.


Itineraries of playful discovery of art pieces, artists, styles and techniques, paying particular attention to the works displayed in our local museums. Workshops that stimulate the power of observation and provide tools to “read the world”, promoting creativity and independence in children and teenagers.


Proposals with an incredible object at their center: the Book! Thanks to educational itineraries on the history of writing and of the book, these workshops are centered on active content experimentation. Children and teenagers will learn to appreciate the book as a story container as well as a physical object.


An itinerary that will put boys and girls in touch with their inner world and more: it will make them think, awaken their spirit, widen their gaze, stimulate curiosity toward the other and the environment. As Gramsci said and wrote to his children: “How is your little brain?”. The itinerary will be followed by creative writing activities focused on the letter and the diary as literary genres, aimed at developing forms of communication based on contact and interaction with the other, dismantling stereotypes and valuing and appreciating diversity.


It is a multidisciplinary reading out loud project aimed at promoting integration and participation through the different techniques used during the reading workshops. The classroom will be transformed into a real oschestra, the children will take part in a cooperative project in which diversity and individuality will interact to contribute to the success of the project.


This project is developed around hip hop, one of the most popular languages in the world. Hip hop is a universal language: throughout the centuries music has been characterized by contaminations and influences, and it represents one of the main vehicles for the integration of different cultures. Rap is one of the most popular musical genres in the world, loved by boys and girls, and it can represent an effective tool for “writing maieutics”. What begins as writing rap becomes writing articles, thoughts, stories.


Stories of glances, faces, figures found in unexpected letter exchanges between artists lost in time. A journey through the history of art to discover, observe and express stories of inner turmoil. We will observe particularly closely the expressions on the faces portrayed in the paintings. The importance of children approaching works of art early becomes even more important if we think of it as a way to learn empathy.


Get to know art, to play with it and examine its deeper meanings, experimenting with a concept as important as deconstruction. We’ll get closer to great masters and famous works of art: in our experimental workshop, theory turns into art.


Illustrations made by great artists in general, and particularly in silent books, are expanding and diversifying the landscape of children’s and young adult literature, offering the possibility of launching special educational itineraries. A workshop on the power of language and art, to stimulate in children and teenagers an awareness of visual creativity as a tool for social interaction to invent of new communicative strategies. The itinerary becomes a journey through images, imagination and human relationships in order to develop an eye for details.

Training Teachers

Our training courses are curated by pedagogical librarians, experts in children’s and young adult literature, art historians, cultural heritage experts.
Our courses are aimed at providing tools that can support teachers in organizing the set up of workshops and educational itineraries for each of their classes.
During the encounters we will provide the participants with detailed, up-to-date study materials, summary cards and reading lists. Courses on the following subjects are available:

  • Children’s and young adult literature
  • Reading education and storytelling
  • Art and museums didactics
  • Reading out loud
  • Creative writing


If you want to collaborate with the PromoCultura team, send an application to: The program includes a phase of intensive training. Promote our organization with your university. Trainees will be involved in services providing information, planning of initiatives, assistance in teaching, organization of cultural events. Applicants are required to speak at least one foreign language (preferably English).

Other PromoCultura Services

Libraries & Archives

Reference, Cataloguing and Organizing the Collections, Promoting Reading and Education, Archive Management.

Museums & Tourist Offices

Reception and Monitoring, Educational Workshops and Guided Tours, Tickets and Gift Shop, Management of the Tourist Office and Information Desk, Cultural Itineraries.

Shows & Cultural Events

Exhibitions, Conferences and Cultural Events, Reception and Monitoring, Public Relations.